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Serving the Internet Community since: October 2001
Today's date: April 1, 2015
Our Safelists are safe. Safe meaning...
  • No Planet X Mail SafeList will ever initiate an invitation to join a SafeList.
  • Confirm / authentication hashed links must be clicked on to join. Double OPTIN.
  • Confirm links are sent to the owner of the email box, only the owner can validate it.
  • Once joined, all email addresses remain hidden and protected from all other members.
  • While joined, a strict weekly limit of Safelist resources is enforced, per member.
  • 100% departure from our Safelists will be as hassle free as clicking one hyperlink.
  • Once departed, you will cease to receive email from that departed Safelist.
  • Finally, account information is never transferred or held in any database, once departed.
Our Safelists are a Friendly Community that communicates, only to it's Members, about the Market Place. Once you Opt out, there is no "Three Day Processing Period". When you click Unsubscribe you are removed, immediately, Period.

Safelists go beyond current CAN-SPAM laws because CAN-SPAM currently fails to patch many security loop holes. CLICK HERE to read why.

DOUBLE OPT-IN should not be confused with regular OPT-IN.

Regular OPT-IN does not validate the authenticity of a list join.

Our SafeList design model goes beyond current CAN-SPAM laws in the following ways.
  1. We will never initiate an email invitation of any kind to anyone about anything.
  2. We do not manage an unsubscribe list, but rather a subscribe list.
  3. Once unsubscribed, all account information is permanently deleted and never held nor transferred.
In 2003, the U.S. Federal Government passed the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act, which is widely referred to as the CAN-SPAM Act. This means, by default, the CAN-SPAM Act allows initial transmission of an email ad and it is up to the receiver of the ad to click and join an unsubscribe list! Look at our rule #1 and #2 (above) once more...

Safelists do not follow this unsubscribe model but rather the opposite.

We rely on the Nature of the Internet to self promote Planet X Mail. Search Engines and word-of-mouth are the mechanisms used in building our community base. We believe the Internet is about choice, not propaganda.

A way to confirm how compliant a domain is, when it comes to it's emailing habits, is to look up that domain on SBL lists - click here. These SBL lists (spam blocking lists) are maintained in the U.K. and not in the U.S.

As a measure, of Planet X Mail's Safelist innovations, note that all CAN-SPAM regulations were enforced three years before the U.S. Government made them official laws. What is more interesting is that Planet X Mail continues ahead of the CAN-SPAM Act, by enforcing our secure Double OPT-IN signup process.

Not all Safelists are created and maintained equally... Safelists are everywhere. Do not join a Safelist unless you are sure the operators know what they are doing.

On top of all the Regulatory features, below are some highlights of our Safelists.
  • Regular and Credit Based.
  • Builtin Payment Processing of various types.
  • Easy management of three member status levels.
  • Protected by Turing Keys to stop abuse.
  • Member benefits like a Blogger, URL Tracking and ways to spend Credits.
  • Hosted on our servers so we handle all the details, including our Email Bounce Algorithms.
If you are still confused about all this, we urge you to re-read this web page. Back to Top



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